Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hot freshman Marc and sexy jock Pete

New freshman Marc doesn't waste any time getting right to action – and what better advisor to start his ACM education than our Postdoctoral Fellow in Anal Studies - Travis?
Marc sits on the couch and tells Pete he is a bit nervous. Travis starts to smile and says, “I don't know why I get this huge smile on my face now, every time.” Pete laughs and says, “I think I know why.” The joking around is visibly helping relax Marc, so we put Travis to work.

Straight guy fucks muscular horny hunk

Straight America and his new drinking buddy Clayton went out the night before, got a "little" intoxicated and decided that they wanted to fuck each others' brains out. I, of course, obliged their request, and couldn't wait to see these two hot ass guys fuck like animals on my couch. America looks even better than the last time he was out with a more ripped, tight body and I think an even bigger ass, too. And Clayton has the body of an acrobat-small, muscular, and great legs; along with a nice little assortment of tattoos covering his sexy torso.

Angelo shoot his jizz all over the floor

Angelo's hard dick has just the right amount of curve where you can slide it down the back of your throat without gagging. With puppy dog eyes and a huge, muscular body, Angelo gets naked in the kitchen showing off his huge biceps before moving to the table where he bends over to show us his hairy man-hole.

Hung and horny latin stud Felipe

This is hot and sexy stud Felipe, he is one hot & built stud! He loves to work out and for fun he's an amateur wrestler. Brun has a great body and big bubble butt!

Casting couch scene at Kristen Bjorn

Watch these hot latino guys get hard and horny under the shower. See them jump on eachother and watch them as they suck off those huge brazilian cocks.

Hot big piece of British Beef

A really tasty piece of British Beef for you here, with hard lad, Max English. Max is more laddish than most straight guys, with his skin head, tough masculine features and a solid rugby build, his body covered in tattooes. We start with an interview, where he talks about turns him on, and he talks about his tattooes.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot muscle hunk Ramon Carioca with thick dick

Ohhhh Ramon! New muscle discovery Ramon Carioca from Sau Paulo Brazil. Some beautiful thick muscle and smooth golden skin are on display here. Ramon gets hard long before his tight underwear comes off. Wait til you see what he unleashes when they do! We've now added a new mobile MP4 download section to our members area. Download a new model video every month to watch on your i-phone, i-pod or any smart phone. Along with our full length DVD download area. Get unlimited access for one monthly price.

Connor goes bisexual at Aamateur college sex

Connor talks to Joseph before his first action scene with Delila. Joseph says he's a little nervous. Delila, always giggly, says, "It won't hurt, I promise." When she comments that he still looks scared, Connor jokes, "You're a little intimidating."
People think it's easy for the guys to come out and perform on camera. Unless you're a born exhibitionist, it's not that easy to just instantly get hard and fuck. The crew is here, there's angles and lighting to think about - the whole nine yards. It's more involved than just filming you and your partner on a webcam at home.

Butch football guy shows his dick

Paul is a college student who played football in high school. He was looking to make some extra cash so now he's here jacking off for you. He played linebacker in football, but, says he hurt his knee and is carrying more weight than he'd like. I think he'll be pretty popular.

Major Mac strokes his dick

Mac works out on a regular basis, loves soccer and football. He tells us about a recent wild sexual experience that is pretty funny that could have turned into a freaky threeway. After a little chit-chat the Major starts getting Mac naked and has him showing off his body. Mac's in great shape and seems comfortable showing it off.

Jai gets himself real hard

Jai was a little nervous what with this being his first shoot and all, but the little chat settled his nerves and as he pulled his fit toned body out of his clothes his confidence started to shine through. Once his semi flaccid cock is pulled from his pants Jai is soon in to the swing of things and his big dick just continues to grow and grow...

Body builder Brett licks hot piece of man meat

Body builder Brett Stevens went to see coach about a leg muscle he pulled while doing sprints! Coach had been wanting to get his hands on the muscle boy and had him strip. After the jock was nude coach took advantage of his authority and started sucking his athlete's limp cock, feeling it grow stiff in his mouth. He worked the body builder's cock, spitting on it, swallowing it down to his nut sack, and enjoyed sucking the hot piece of man meat.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Young and sexy college guy Marc

He's almost 21, but doesn't have any major plans for the big birthday celebration, except to kick it with his friends. I can think of a few plans he could make! Marc's voice is deep and has a nice gravelly tone, that makes everything sound even sexier. And with that body and face, if he gets any sexier, I'm not sure the camera can take it.

Hot Tunisian stud Fahmi goes nude

I couldn't leave Tunisia, after wrapping "Hotel Morocco", without searching for new, local talent. Tunisia had yielded quite an exciting crop in the past -- everyone loved those Arab boys with exotic looks and even more exotic names. Meet Fahmi, 21 years old, and the sexiest, cockiest, most contagious smile.

Dean Monroe and Morgan Black fucking

The raw sexual attraction between super star Dean Monroe and newcomer Morgan Black is undeniable. Dean, with his tall, smooth, defined body, handsome face and uncut dick can't keep his eyes, hands or lips off the ruggedly handsome, hairy, hunky Morgan with his beautiful blue eyes and bulging muscles. Morgan dives face-first between Dean's ass cheeks and gets him ready to get fucked. Dean slides down on Morgan's pole and yells out while Morgan gives him all he's got. Now it's Morgan's turn to take it and Dean fucks him while lip-locking with that hairy stud. Morgan blows his load all over himself and Dean blasts a HUGE load that goes everywhere. They say that opposites attract but the combination isn't always this explosive.

Peter Gamdon shows his big dick

Peter Gamdon is one sexy Northerner! We are glad he decided to pay us a visit, because Peter is one hell of a sexy stud. He has a nice athletic bod, and a really hot look. Another Dude who is not shy, Peter whips out his cock and starts wanking his pole, moaning softly from time to time, and really trying to make love to the camera. Peter got so hot and bothered after all that showing off that he actually busted a bigger load than normal. He seemed more than pleased with himself after that! Hot jerk off vid!

Straight football professional Jay jerks off

Str8 footie pro Jay is enjoying himself on a warm sunny day lazing around in his soccer kit and looking at the bulge in his footie shots it looks like he has something in there that is gagging to come out and play! When he stands up its blatantly obvious that he has an erection and it is not just semi – he pulls down his shorts and has to pull them over the massive bulge in his jock strap! Jay is one horny devil and he seems to love the feel of football kit on his body and the sun is just making him as horny as hell! Jay shows off his ass in his jockstrap and struggles to pull them down over a rock hard cock! He is one horny lad and wanks away in the sunshine, shows off his ass superbly and ends up shooting a big load on himself!

Fabian fucks Boston bad boy Roman

Oh sweet Roman. He is a Boston bad-boy with rugged good looks and a broad handsome smile. This lucky fellow showed up just in time for foxy Fabian's grand return! Both of these hotties are tanned, ripped up, horny as the day is long, and were "straight guys" when they first walked through my door! Roman is still new to the whole sex-with-guys thing, and uber-hot Fabian is just the dude to ease it into him. Excuse me, I mean ease HIM into IT. A quick sex survey brings some laughter and insight to the hot gym-rat couple gracing my casting couch. Fabian has a major oral fetish and can't wait to get Roman's dick in his mouth. All hot and bothered from some great head, Roman knows it is his time to shine and hops on Fabian's cock for the ride of his life. Oh my, this is a good one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Handsome fratmen Addison

Fratmen presents another addition to this years pledge class. Meet the gorgeous classicly handsome frat hunk Addison. Wow. He must be one of the hottest frat guys this year, and we've seen them many... See his rock hard cock in action!

True midwesterner Tomas with boyish good looks

Tomas has a great sense of humor, something that’s always refreshing to me when I meet new guys. He definitely got a kick out of making people laugh while he was here.
A true “midwesterner,” he's a dirty blonde with blue eyes and boyish good looks. He’s got an incredibly fit body and a what I can only describe as a pretty cock – perfect shape, medium thickness, nice head, and straight as an arrow when it’s hard. He also has a fantastic ass on him that he enjoyed playing with while jerking off.

Hairy masculine hunk Jean Franko

Jean Franko just exudes sex. His rough, masculine good looks, his furry chest and hairy, strong legs are a welcome addition to the LKP family of exclusive models (no, he doesn't ordinarily shave, doesn't wax, doesn't tan and isn't afraid of being himself amidst hundreds of porn clones).

19 year old lifesaver with 8 pack of abs

Layne is a beautiful blonde beach boy from Florida who typifies laid back surf culture. He not only looks the part, he lives it! Layne proudly confesses to working for money as little as posssible so he can spend his days hitting the waves and cruising women. Back home in Fort Lauderdale he works as a life guard a couple of days a week at a community swimming pool. Sexy Layne draws a lot of attention from teenage girls as he sits at his post at the pool working on his tan. Check out the fine white bubble butt and 8-pack of abs on this 19 year old lifesaver!

Stiffing bulges and sucking nipples

Serious hot passion in this strong, sweaty scene, featuring two fit, manly, skinhead studs, Ed Fox and Bruno Fox. No, its not incest porn! Right from the start these two were rock solid in their sports shorts, and got into each other really quickly. In no time, they are pulling each other vests off, rubbing each others huge stiff bulges in their shorts, and taking turns licking and sucking on each other nipples. Both guys have great bodies, muscular, slightly hairy chests, and are clearly very much into each other. Ed gets onto his knees and rubbing his face in Brunos shorts, and then pulls his cock out of side. Brunos cut dick is a good size, and really thick. Ed sucks it all the way down to the base, and gets it wet with spit, and jerks him off, and sucks some more, really horny, deepthroating at times.

Straight english lad Callum

It’s a hot sunny day, so we are not in England and Callum is all hot and horny and takes an outdoor shower under the olive tree. It’s a little cold for a few seconds though looking at how his cock pops up pointing straight at the sun then his hormones are pumping and the water has warmed up! Callum is always ready for action; pull down his boardies, let him have a little play and his cock springs right up in your face!

Donkey dicked Drake gets fucked

Rio is very pleased with the new flatmate who arrives, who wouldn't be? - its the handsome, hairy, masculine, donkey-dicked Drake. Rio keeps getting an eyeful of Drake's uncut trouser-snake straining for release from his white undies and he's hungry to taste it and feel it glide inside, but Drake's playing hard to get... until even he has to give into swarthy Rio's cock charming ways.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zeb Atlas gets serviced by our "Jake for a day" winner

Even the devil would find himself sweating because this lucky winner found himself face to face...err...face to cock with the BIGGEST star we've ever had on our site, Zeb Atlas! If this doesn't make you want to apply, we don't know what will. Alex worships Zeb's HUGE muscles as he flexes and poses for both Alex and our members. He has plenty of muscles to choose from but he makes sure that Zeb's love muscle gets the most attention. Alex deep-throats that thick monster like a pro. Zeb might be too much for most to handle but Alex shines under the spotlight. He has so much fun in fact that he says he may just have to sign up to be 'Jake for a Day' again!

Gay superstar Bo Dean fucks AJ

Super-star Bo Dean is enjoying a cold margarita while on vacation, chatting it up with the smoking-hot bartender, AJ Irons. Bo's complaining to AJ that he can't seem to find anyone to hook up with. AJ is no fool and isn't buying that line of BS, but he plays along anyway and offers to give Bo a helping hand... mouth... cock... ass... whatever Bo wants! Bo bends AJ over the bar and shoves his thick rod into AJ's tight hole. The whole bar is on the verge of coming down from the intense pounding. AJ gobbles up every inch and begs for more. Spread eagled and getting his ass rocked, AJ begs for Bo to cum. Bo is happy to oblige and splatters AJ's iron stomach with AJ following suit soon after.

Hot military guys Shawn and Vinnie fucking

Shawn is excited to get the chance to bring Vinny further across the line. They talk about his chest and body and Vinny tells them his routine for staying fit. Shawn is feeling him up and starts slowly kissing his ear and neck, moving his hands all over that gorgeous body right down to the basket that's already hard. By the time he grabs Vinny's cock, they are locked in a deep kiss. Shawn is easing him right along with no trouble at all. You can feel Vinny's excitement as he anticipates getting a chance to return the favor to Shawn. The moaning alone tells the story and when Shawn pulls out Vinny's super hard cock we know by the size of that thing that it's pretty happy, too.

Danny strokes his 9 inch dick

Danny is Jamison's best friend since Jr. High. When he heard what Jamison was doing, he wanted in on the action. So I scrambled and got them out at the same time.
He is almost the opposite of Jamison, who is quiet, short, thick- whereas Danny is 6'3" lean and long. He's got a lean and long 9 inch dick too, and full set of pubes. Just like the good 'ole days!
Danny and Jamison weren't too keen on doing a side-by-side jerk off or interacting together, but I have them talked into getting blown at the same time. I think that is something I haven't ever had on the site.

Kyle Butler gets dildo fucked and mouth fucked

Introducing Kyle Butler, a hirsute stud who got a raging hard on moments after taking his clothes off and it never went down, even after he came.
Considering Kyle's fuck rod was standing at full attention I started rubbing him face up, putting my hands all over his hairy chest and legs. It was only minutes before I took his cock in my mouth and sucked that hot piece of man meat, swallowing his entire shaft until my nose pressed into his pubes.
He was completely in the moment so I fed him my dick and relished having his moist lips wrapped around it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Horny Sicilian immigrant Tano

A Sicilian immigrant working in Belgium, 21 year old Tano is a knockout. His boyish charm and a compact, muscular frame are sure to make this jock an instant fav of yours. Listen to his broken Sicilian, the words aren't quite right (and often mixed up with Spanish). But they sound... oh, so sexy.

Testosterone fuelled gay sex

The sparks (and the clothes) are flying on the set of the latest Menatplay shoot. The minute we introduced Alex Marte and Bruno Knight we could feel the chemistry between them. You could see from the looks on their faces that they were gagging to get their hands on eachother. So when we got the on set together we let them do exactly that, and we set the cameras rolling. Non scripted, non directed 100% intense, testosterone-fuelled sex. And our cameras were there to capture every second of the man action.

High school all american guy Charlie

Charlie is pretty much the definition of the “All American Guy.” He’s handsome, well built, and very nice. He played sports while in school and made sure he kept his body in shape. He’s got some very cute good freckles that would make you think he is an innocent guy, but he fully admits to being a bit of a wild boy.

Young redneck Keith likes bending over

Keith comes from a small town and describes himself as "a bit of a redneck." But since turning 18 a few months ago and moving out to California, he's soaked up the local culture while still holding onto some of his favorite pasttimes: dirt-biking and snow-boarding.
He's a smaller-framed guy, but don't let that fool ya! What Keith lacks in stature, he makes up for not only in the dick size department. But his larger-than-life personality and confidence makes him seem born to be in front of the camera.

Brock gets serviced at New York Straight Men

Brock is sort of an International German Playboy who calls NYC his home. He had a little bit of a Ménage à trois going, until one of the girlfriends got pregnant. She has made an "honest" man of him and got him to marry her! However that doesn't change Brock's sexual appetite. He is highly charged with no hang-ups and that includes guys servicing him.

Blue eyed hunk with huge body

Borec came to interview with us last month and his blue eyes had us under a trance before we even saw his huge naked body. Being the horn dogs that we are, we forgot the blue eyes when we saw his big dick pointing straight to the ceiling. We forgot his big dick when he turned around and spread his ass showing us his hot, pink hole. OK, so we didn't really forget his hard dick. How could we with the damn thing poking around like it was. Grab your dick and lube for this one guys...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Beau pounds Mitch with his big cock

Beau is back! He’s been dedicating himself to school and balancing time with his friends. It seems that bars provide a bit of adventure for him — remember his jaw being wired shut after a bar fight? Well this time around he admits to another type of adventure at a bar... kissing his (male) friend after a good game of pool and a shot or two of tequila!

Cameron fucks Hunter Ford

Welcome to the second episode of So You Think You Can Fuck! 12 Contestants Competing to be America's Favorite Porn Star! This is a live reality show, and you can vote on the show's website.

Cain fucks Philip at Corbin Fisher

Philip got to fuck Cain in their tag team. Now Cain's going to fuck Philip ... and the first-time bottom looks a little nervous about what's coming his way!
Philip says it's a combination of anxiety and nerves. It's understandable – he's seen Cain's huge cock in action! But Cain promises to take care of him. He starts by kissing Philip deeply.

Hung brazilian's first nude shoot

We signed up this Brazilian slab of beef the minute we laid eyes on him on the streets of Rio. The guy radiates total manhood, from his disarming smile to trim but toned physique - and the sick part is, he's sweet as apple pie, too, without a conceited bone in his body. We side with the Greek - this boy is pure boyfriend material, and we're proud to feature him in his first nude photo- shoot ever.

AJ's over-seized cock in tight ass

AJ LOVED having someone he could bitch around! Which of course makes Gerin happy. He prefers older guys, another reason I worried this pairing wouldn't go smoothly, but he totally got off to worshiping AJ's cock, and making him hard. And of course, getting fucked HARD by AJ's over-sized cock.

Skinny sporty hunk John

John is a 6'5" athlete. His previous sports are basketball and football. Currently, he does mixed martial arts, which is how he got the cut on his nose. Check out his size 16 feet and every other inch of his body here. while he jacks off for your pleasure.

Trevor gets face fucked

Another Colorado cutie lands on my couch today. Hot, blonde, horny boys must grow on trees there. I may have to take up snowboarding, or whatever it is they do for fun. Trevor is a part-time student with just a little more focus on extra-curricular activities than his studies. He is horny all the time, grew up watching porn, and has a life-long dream of doing some on-camera fucking. Trevor has a little kink in him as well. He has recently participated in everything from watersports to orgies on the beach.

Monday, September 20, 2010

20 year old masculine jock

Can you believe it? He's just 20 years old now...he was a mere 18 when we met him, a breath away from crossing state lines, and that kind of thing - but now that he's a a MAN of TWENTY - well, goshawmighty, just check out what's been going on with Conor! Needless to say, he's been working harder than ever at the gym - just check out the shapeliness of those glutes! - but beyond that, What Skin! What pecs! Those eyes! That ass! Oh, never mind - see for yourself - and all in beautiful

Brody and Connor fucking at Corbin Fisher

Connor kisses Brody, moves down to kiss and bite his nipple, then back up to kiss his neck. He straddles Brody's chest so Brody can swallow all of that long dick straight down his throat. Connor pulls Brody's head closer, and smacks his mouth with his cock.
Brody hangs on to Connor's perfect ass, and sucks his thick shaft. And suddenly, that was all Connor needed for foreplay! He pushes Brody down on the corner of the bed, lubes up and dives in. Brody arches his back to take every inch of Connor's dick.

Teenage boy with huge dick

Have you ever wanted to see a athletic naked stud climb a coconut tree wearing only sport shoes? Brian, the cute 19 year old college runner & student is all smiles as he makes three attempts, finally succeeding in removing a dried palm leaf from the tall tree. Born and raised in Southern California, horse hung Brian moved to Kauai at age 17 to surf and skate the Islands. As he works naked in the garden collecting coconuts, we get a great view of this frat boy's perfect white surfer butt, with wide board-short tan lines. His cock and balls are as white as his yummy ass! Brian is a real friendly straight college guy. He smiles easily and enjoys being the class clown. He is overjoyed when I finally ask him to sit down, all wet with sweat, and stroke his meaty dick. I was shocked at how BIG his beautiful white fleshy cock becomes once erect! It is so HUGE! It

Short guy with monster cock

Fit, handsome, 21 year old lad, Sam Bishop, starts off his solo with an interview, talking about the type of guy he goes for, and keeping fit. After that, the solo begins with Sam rubbing the nice bulge in his shiny green running shorts, and he starts to play with his nipples. Taking off his vest, he reveals a very hairy chest for such a young lad, and you can see he is in good shape. As he rubs the growing bulge in his shorts, he starts to get hard, and he keeps playing with it till you can see he is rock solid, and looks like quite a big one! He rubs it some more, and continues to play with his nipples, as that turns him on alot, before taking his boxers off to show off his very nice cock, just under 8 inches, which looks pretty big on Sam, as he is only a short lad.

Horsehung blatino stud plays with foreskin

Wow! Infact wow again. This blatino hottie is absolutely amazing. His fat and big dick is something we were impressed by instantly. He showed it off like some sort of a prize. He knew that we were sorta envious and wishing we could suck on it. All he let us do is watch him play with his foreskin.

Bartender Fraser packed with testosterone

Phwoarrr... meet the absolutely gorgeous Fraser! He's only 21 but he's every part a purely testosterone packed man; from his captivating blue eyes to his chiselled good looks, his gym fit body, golden tanned skin, cracking set of hairy legs, slight air of arrogance and a perfectly formed uncut cock... well, this is a real man's man and I reckon he's going to be a bit of a heartbreaker ;-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fratmen Lucas jerks off

21 years old college boy Lucas was reffered to us by one his best friend, another Fratmen hottie Dean. He is by no way a shy guy, so there was no trouble for him to take off his clothes and start jerking off his big dick.